Scheduled for Apr 26, 18:00 - 22:00 UTC
Impact: The UI/API will be in Hypervisor Maintenance Mode for the duration of maintenance window. See note below for restrictions.

Dear Client

On the date listed below engineers will be performing maintenance in the following cloud location. This maintenance is necessary to perform changes to hypervisor infrastructure supporting the cloud. During this maintenance, we will be making changes to hypervisor management servers to eliminate risk of potential future unplanned disruption of service. The Cloud UI/API will be in Hypervisor Maintenance Mode for the duration of maintenance. See the note below for client restrictions. Deployed client cloud servers will continue to function without interruption.

Change Reference Number: CHM121072800
Johannesburg: (AF3): Friday April 26th 08:00 PM South Africa Standard Time (18:00 PM UTC)
Expected Total Duration: 4 Hours

Note: Hypervisor Maintenance Mode:

1) The Admin UI and API will be available during the maintenance window, but users will be subject to the restrictions described in #2 and #3 below.

2) Starting one hour before the maintenance event, the Admin UI and API will stop accepting any requests for actions related to Cloud Servers or Cloud Images in the affected data center only. This means users will not be able to deploy new servers or images, start/stop/reboot/edit/delete existing servers or images, or start any new import/export actions. Please note that all deployed Cloud Servers will continue to function as normal - the system will simply block actions from being made using the Admin UI or API. Changes requested prior to the one-hour limit will continue to process with status updates in the Admin UI or API until the event begins.

3) Beginning with the start of the maintenance window, the Admin UI and API will stop updating the status of Cloud Servers or Cloud Images in the affected data center. For example, if a server is shut down or rebooted from the Guest OS, the Admin UI/API will not reflect that change.

4) Except for the restrictions related to Cloud Servers and Images, all other Cloud functions will continue normally.

5) Once the maintenance is complete, the ability to take actions related to Cloud Servers and Cloud Images will be restored and the system will update the status of all deployed Cloud Servers.

This maintenance is specific only to the affected data center locations and other Geographic Regions will continue to function normally.
Posted 6 days ago. Apr 26, 2019 - 18:00 UTC
This scheduled maintenance affects: AF - Johannesburg (Public CaaS - AF3).